Jan 3 2017

Reading about Dying Institutions versus Dying Individuals

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Reading about Dying Institutions versus Dying Individuals

I’m still catching up on reading things from over the holidays. Here are two posts that caught my eye.


First, Rachel Lu of the University of St. Thomas has a “Tea Party Elegy,” November 8, 2016 in The Public Discourse.


Second, Aaron Rothstein MD writes about “The Distortion of ‘Death with Dignity‘,” December 13, 2016 at The New Atlantis.

Apr 6 2016

Four More Recent Reads

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Four More Recent Reads

It’s Spring Again [a review of Don Delillo’s new novel Zero K]” by Abraham Socher, Jewish Review of Books, Spring 2016.

The United Monarchy: Rereading the Bible and the Archaeological Evidence” by (the always articulate) Lawrence H. Schiffman.

Interview with Daniel C. Matt – translator of the Pritzker edition of the Zohar” by Alan Brill, Kavvanah blog, March 17, 2016.

Managing Expectations,” reflections on uncooperative, ungrateful patients, by Dr. Aaron Rothstein, The New Atlantis, March 30, 2016.