“¡Viva Data Libre!” (The Texas Tribune)

All Bookbread can say is muchas gracias for this streamlined collection of public data on the State of Texas, including many metrics helpful for understanding the SBOE and the twilight of textbooks in Texas. This is true twentyfirst century journalism.

The Texas Tribune contends: “We hope to have about 7 million records available to the public by year’s end.” Memorial Data | The Texas Tribune.

Why Waste Words? a.k.a. Welcome to Bookbread

Welcome to Bookbread. In a recent link distributed by Arts & Letters Daily Michael Kinsley at The Atlantic gets it exactly right: too many words leads to too many non-readers.

Too bad (or not) that journalists will learn about it all much, much too late. It seems that for most of the priesthood of the press, verbosity is still in vogue.