Why Bookbread doesn’t read or write book reviews (via Man of La Book)

Just a few excerpts:

Creative blogger iubookgril (Girl Reads a Book, @bellareads) chimed in as well: “15 to 20 mins usually”, while our resident librarian blogger Mieneke(A Fantastical Librarian, @Pallekenl) takes a bit longer: “About three hours? But I’m a slow writer!”.

Inexhaustible blogger iubookgirl (Reader for Life, @iubookgril) also joined the coversation by tweeting: “same here, unless I don’t really like or dislike a book then it might take a little longer to decide what to say”.

Twitter Survey Results: How Long Do You Spend Writing Book Reviews.

But why stop now?

How can we further encourage the bar for book reviewing (particularly its online varieties) to be lowered into oblivion?

The American reader-reviewer can only answer: “What Papa Quality don’t know tonight won’t hurt Momma Quantity in the morning. Now go fix me a Pop Tart while I skim, scan, and scour through the entirety of Proust.”


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