About Bookbread

I will always be behindalways catching upalways lagging, dragging, doodling, stumbling, bumbling my way through books while whetted by a bulimicbrained appetite: a desire to vomit up predigested quotes and nonnutritional notes without ever letting the vitamins of their virtues take hold.

Bookbread provides mental nutrition as well as sanctuary. It aims to be a “House of Reading” providing infotainment for lovers of books and literature, particularly with a focus on the American English Language and its Literatures.

I am Christopher Landrum, and I will generally use third-person narration on Bookbread. I hold a B. A. in English from the University of Texas. I live in Austin.

My guides are the Chicago Manual of Style (15th Edition), H. W. Fowler’s Modern English Usage (2nd Edition), and the Oxford English Dictionary (2nd Edition).

Bookbread will not provide any reading lists. If you like to read, then you know what you like, and you don’t need a book blog to tell you. No best of 2009, here. No best of 2010.

Bookbreads critical influences at the moment are: Ceridwen, Sophia, Ralph W. Emerson, Harold Bloom, Robert Graves, Northrop Frye, Robert McKeon, Jorge Borges, Gore Vidal, and Ludwig Wittgenstein. I have yet to read Derrida, and plan to do so only after undertaking Kant.